Ritz Carlton Amelia Island, FL

Dining Trellias

Pole coring is an ancient art form. This trade back in time was used to make canoes and other items. However, we have a lot better equipment today. But even with this new equipment it is a time consuming -back breaking hard task that we have put into practice here at Tiki King. The purpose of coring poles out is to hide structural members inside the pole. In this case the Ritz Carlton wanted to create an outdoor dining area steps from the spray of the Atlantic Ocean. They wanted a lightweight breathable structure. The Architect designed an aluminum hard canvas structure like you would see at a lot of water parks. It was our job to make the underside of this structure completely tropical for the guest of the resort. We did so by coring giant cypress poles to cover the 15 aluminum pipes holding the frame for the hard canvas. As a final step to cover the framework above we conceled the underside of the frame with small Eucalyptus poles so that is was still breathable but visually pleasing. The finished product was nothing short of a masterpiece.

  • Cypress Logs
  • Eucalyptus Poles