Inspiration Gallery

Tiki Hut Shapes

The shape Of a Tiki Hut is really all about what you the client like. Your normal Tiki huts are what is called a hip roof design were the fingering is coming down on all sides. Here are some of the normal options and some different designs.

Four different types of thatched huts.
A wooden structure is being built on the beach.
A tiki hut in a backyard with palm trees.
A pool with a thatched hut and palm trees.
A hut with a thatched roof on the beach.
A tiki hut with chairs and a thatched roof.


Pergolas are another great addition to any outdoor space they bring that tropical feeling as well as much-needed shade. Pergolas can be made from just about any timbers but most often feature Eucalyptus poles across the top.

The zoo has a wooden structure with bamboo poles.
A wooden pergola with a garage attached to it.
A restaurant with a wooden roof and hanging baskets.
A home with a pool and a wooden pergola.
A palm tree in the middle of a wooden structure.
The inside of a building under construction.

Bar Fronts

There are endless options when it comes to the front of a bar.

A newly made tiki hut shape house with rock boundaries
A tiki bar with hanging lights
A bar with a thatched roof and stools.
The Caribbean Sunshine Bakery counter
A tiki bar on a wooden deck.
A beach bar with chairs and a view of the ocean.

Bar Tops

Bar tops are a very important choice as they set the mode for the bar but also need to blend with the other elements of the bar.

Epoxy With Tambour Paneling
Epoxy With Tambour Paneling
A bar with a blue light on it.
Epoxy River Top
A bamboo bar with a tiki face on it.
A table with a blue and white glass top.
Recycled Glass
A kitchen with a glass counter top.
Wave Glass
A kitchen with a wooden counter top.
Rustic Timber

Bar Foot Rails

A wooden bench with a yellow floor next to it.
Eucalyptus Foot Rail
A wooden bench in a room with a wooden floor.
Bamboo foot Rail
A row of wooden pegs on the floor


A room with a wooden wall and a wooden table.
Tambour Paneling with Bamboo Slat Trim
A wooden wall is being built in front of a building.
Bamboo Slats
A patio with a wall of fake plants.
Faux Boxwood & Stack Stone
A sign with a blue sign and palm trees in front of it.
Theme Painted Distressed wood
A room with a wooden wall made of sticks.
Eucalyptus Poles
The ceiling of a room is covered in bamboo netting.
Amber Bamboo Board with Split Bamboo Trim

Ceiling Ideas

An empty room with a tiki ceiling.
A woman sitting in a chair in a room with a wooden ceiling.
Reed Ceiling Panels
The ceiling of a room with wooden beams.
Synthetic Bamoo Matting
Disney's hawaiian village at hawaiian village.
Theme Painting
The interior of a restaurant with red chairs and tables.
A wooden ceiling with wooden beams and a glass door.

Column Ideas

A pillar with a rope wrapped around it.
Synthetic Rope Wrapped Column
A wooden column with a rope around it.
Tre Gai Bamboo Poles Wrapped with Synthetic Rope
A building with wooden columns and a concrete floor.
Cored Out Cypress Logs