Paradise Cove Wedding Pavilion Kissimmee, FL

Weddings in Paradise

This Project came to us as a simple repair to an existing structure. Once we had looked over the structure they had, there was no way anything Tiki King could do to extend the life of the 30-year-old structure. With Covid 19 sweeping across the planet and most of the world shutdown the owner at Paradise Cove made a bold choice and asked us to rebuild the structure but of course make it bigger and better in every way. The catch, which there always is one by the time we had designed everything we only had 19 days to completely teardown and rebuild the structure as events had already been planned and were not willing to reschedule. It was a grueling 19 days, but the structure was completed on the 19th day. Once the structure was completed the customer made many additions that ended up taking another 2 months to complete including shutter effect railings, bifold windows for inclement weather, acrylic glass in the gable ends and a whole lot more. It is a beautiful place to plane any event you may have, and they are always welcoming new customers.

  • Synthetic Thatch
  • Tongue & Groove Roofing
  • Dimensional Lumber