Cheeks Restroom Renovation

Polynesian Restrooms

A design that competes with the best imagineers at Disney. That is what Tiki King achieved in this out of the box re imagination of Cheeks bar @ Cypress cove. We were handed a 1970’s outdated worn out boring bathroom area. After the design, Jeff the owner of Tiki King had brought to reality on Cheeks bar he knew this had to completely surpass his previous work. This space could be nothing less than an absolute masterpiece, pairing with the bar, but standing on its own design quality’s. Tiki King completely re imagined what a bathroom could look like. After all the behind the scenes items had been addressed Tiki King went to work. There are so many different features Jeff put into this design from the Bamboo partitions to the epoxy bamboo vanities to the mosaic bamboo wall coverings to the indoor tiki huts over the vanities. We had a great time creating this peaceful tropical space.

  • Eucalyptus Poles
  • Tahiti Thatch
  • Bamboo Paneling
  • Bamboo Poles
  • Tambour Paneling
  • Custom Glass Doors